Frequently Asked Questions
Paint With Caleb classes can be held as both public and private events. These fun and creative classes are fantastic for parties, work events, team-building, or just a fun time with friends! Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is a paint night/party?
A paint night/party is a fun-filled painting class! We teach complete beginners and experienced painters, step-by-step, how to create a beautiful acrylic painting on canvas! Classes are 2-3 hours long.
What is provided?
We supply the following materials for each painter: 
- Easel 
- Canvas 
- Paints (Acrylic)
- Brushes
- Aprons
- Cups for Water
- Plates (to use as a palette)
- Drop Cloths 
- Table Cloths
- Paper Towels
- Coolers of Water (if a sink is not accessible)
- 2-3 hours of easy and fun painting instruction

What do I need to provide?
- Tables
- Chairs
-Sink area to wash brushes and fill up water cups
(accommodations can be made if no sink is available)
How much does it cost?
Public Paint Nights
Admission typically costs $25-$35 per person. You can find prices for each public paint night on the events page
Private Parties/Team-Building Paint Nights
6-10 Painters: $25/Person
11-15 Painters: $24/Person
16-30 Painters: $23/Person
*Travel fees may apply
**Prices are subject to change

Canvases are usually 11"x14" for adults and 8"x10" for children. Other canvas sizes are available (additional charges may apply).

How do I request a Paint With Caleb event?
Please visit the contact page and fill out the corresponding form. We will contact you regarding your request, give you a quote, and plan the event. 
What is the age range?
Caleb teaches adults and children!
Public are typically for ages 12+, unless otherwise specified
Private events can be taught to adults, and children as young as 5 years old! (Note: It is preferable that those painting in children's groups be similar in age so everyone can learn at a similar pace. However, this is not a requirement). 

How many people can paint at each event?
For public events, the number of painters varies and depends on the space of the location
For private events, the minimum number of painters is 6 and the current maximum number of painters is 30. (*Note: The maximum number of painters may be increased in the future)

Can I host a public Paint With Caleb event at my business?
YES! To request an event to be hosted by/at your own business, go to the contact page and select request a public event
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